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BnB on board

After the sailing season in Scotland and Scandinavia, the Steady can be booked in September and October 2018 as BnB in the inner harbour of Hoorn, the Netherlands. A beautiful historical old village. You will find a lot of fine restaurants and pubs to visit. Hoorn is only 40 minutes from Amsterdam Central.

What to do in Hoorn

- Wonderful walking in the recreaction area, Julianapark.
- Museum of the 20th century, feast of recognition
- Westfries museum, welcome to the Golden Age
- Steam tram Hoorn-Medemblik, exciting time travel
- Museum ship Halve Maen, authentic replica of VOC yacht
- Hoorn city tours, city tour through the center of Hoorn
- Water taxi Hoorn, exploring the harbor of Hoorn from the water
- A pleasant shopping mall 

Book an overnight stay at the Steady (1 to 8 people) via AirBnB

An overnight stay at the Steady is from € 30 per person. That includes full breakfast, bed linen and towel.

The reservations for a BnB only go through AirBnB.

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For questions you can always call or email with Marièˆlle Kerkmeer +31 654297887 |


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Steady on Airbnb

Book your stay at the Steady via Airbnb.